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Benefits of Insurance Contractor Programs for Claims & Repairs

We’ve talked about how to choose a reputable and trustworthy contractor as well as working with preferred certified contractors on insurance claims. But we want to go into more details regarding what the key benefits of working with a contractor from beginning to end through an insurance program such as First Choice, Lionsbridge, or Innovation Group.

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Avoiding Multiple Contractors & Headaches for Homeowners

When an insured homeowner chooses multiple companies to work with, it creates multiple bills, contacts to work with, schedules to manage, and receipts to submit to the insurance company. Problems of one contractor quickly come to impact the other contractors and the homeowner finds that they have to coordinate everyone to avoid the contractors fighting between themselves.

One Contractor, One Call Benefits Everyone

Insurance programs allow the entire process to be accountable to one company. These programs require that each step be completed to the homeowner/customer’s satisfaction before proceeding and all payments are made.

The insurance programs provide benefits for everyone involved:

For Contractors

Insurance programs provide training for guidelines, processes, and procedures, billing & payment processing.

For Customers

Insurance programs manage the entire process, provide warranty fund for contractor’s work, customer service, and insure the contractors are well established, screened, and held accountable.

For Insurance Carriers

The insurance programs provides reviews of supplemental estimates, management of warranty funds for the insured’s to handle warranty claims, conflict resolution, projects management, and high quality contractors to work with.

Know Your Insurance Company’s Program, Trust Your Contractor

Relationships between the insurance company and the contractors have a big impact on the home owner/customer. With insurance programs, preferred contractors such as S&A Construction are vetted by being screened, credentialed, constantly monitored, with regular training, and have increased requirements for the general process. A contractor cannot be a new startup and instantly join an insurance program. The programs require a physical address, a hard line phone number, a FAX number, increased insurance requirements, and background checks on staff, just to name a few. Knowing that an insurance company has performed their due diligence is a huge benefit for a homeowner/customer.

Faster Claims Makes for Happier Homeowners

Insurance companies have done studies that show that the faster a claim is processed, the happier the customer and the more likely they will keep their customer. In their studies, insurance companies found the homeowner will likely drop the company after a claim if the experience with them, the contractor(s), and anyone else involved is long and drawn out.

This becomes even more critical in the event of a major storm/catastrophe that has a high number claims. When there are a massive amount of insureds with a massive amount of claims, such events stretch even the best contractors thin on staff and create a massive log of work.

In short, the less time from time of phone call for file a claim to time of all work completed and paid, the happier the homeowner will be. Thus insurance programs are designed specific to expedite and speeds up the claim process.

Cutting through Red Tape for Homeowners with Mortgages

Most insured homeowners have initial insurance funds co-endorsed to themselves and the mortgage company. This often requires the mortgage company to be involved in the claims process and in some cases their stipulations create a burden on the overall process for everyone involved. With insurance programs, there are often direct pay options available which avoid this hassle and allow for the insurance company to pay the contractor directly.

Emergency Services Advantages

When a tree falls on the home, shingles blow off, roof leaks, lightning strikes etc., preferred contractors such as S&A Construction offer emergency services through the programs at agreed rates which is directly billed to the insurance company. The same applies for water/fire restoration and break-ins.

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In the Wichita, KS area and need a Certified Insurance Program Contractor?

If you decided that you want to work with an insurance preferred contractor and you are looking for a contractor in the Wichita Kansas area, give us a call or e-mail. As always, let us know if you have any questions, other ideas, or comments!