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Vinyl, Fiber Cement, & Smart Board Replacement Siding for KS Homes

S&A Construction offers many different types of replacement siding and trim options for homes in the Wichita, Kansas metro and surrounding communities such as Hutchinson, Newton, McPherson, and Derby.

Main Benefits of Siding Replacement

  • Increased home value through improved curb appeal
  • Decreasing energy bills through optional additional insulation
  • Inset & weather-resistant products last longer (no rotting)
  • Lower maintenance (no painting)
  • Warranted by the manufacturer for typically as long as you own your home

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Our most popular replacement siding options are:

vinyl siding1

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is often the most affordable type of siding. But most homeowners find its reduced maintenance to be the most appealing feature with no painting. It also doesn’t rot and is insect resistant. It comes in a variety of colors with some profiles looking like real wood. Also, optional insulation-backed vinyl siding can help improve a home’s energy efficiency. View examples of our finished work.

Certainteed Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is a combination of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers and often is used as an alternative to vinyl siding. Both have low maintenance but fiber cement siding can imitate the appearance of wooden siding, clapboard, and shingles. It is also more durable, fire-resistant, and eco-friendly than vinyl. View examples of our finished work.

LP SmartSide® Siding

LP SmartSide siding offers fewer seams than vinyl and is less likely to break or crack than fiber cement. It works and cut just like traditional wood, taking nails and screws with ease. And because it is factory pre-primed, it can take paint. Most of all it delivers a beautiful, authentic real wood look. It is also resistant to termite damage and fungal decay.

We offer name brands LP Building Products, James Hardie, Certainteed, Mastic, Exterior Portfolio by Crane, and Royal Building Products as well as other brands.

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Other siding products and services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Vinyl corners and vinyl soffits
  • Fiber cement corners, window trims,
    & fascia
  • Metal wrapping of fascia, windows, garage door openings, and other exterior components
  • Variations of sizes – 6”, 8”, 12”
  • Cement soffits
  • LP smart siding corners, trims – for windows, openings, etc.
  • Lap siding, vertical siding, decorative siding (like cedar shake, scalloped, etc.)
  • Moisture barrier installation, replacement, housewraps, etc.
  • Insulation board and linings – we can install to increase insulation value
  • Structural repairs, termite repairs, boxing repairs can be performed after the siding is removed
  • New electrical, lighting, etc. – we can perform during renovation
  • Exterior painting
  • Cedar trims