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Roof Replacement Systems – Not just shingles

Roofs are simply not just shingles. The performance and long term stability of your roof depends on not only your shingles but all components of a roofing system working together with a quality installation.

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We take a different approach. Purchasing a roof system is a valuable investment for your home. Our team of professionals will spend time with you to educate and help you explore the differences in roof system components and the essentials of a quality roof installation. These components include choosing the right designer shingles, flashings, leak barriers, under-laments, hip and ridge, and balanced attic ventilation. Our goal is to balance your wants and needs with the appropriate application while considering your budget.

We take quality seriously. Adherence to shingle manufacturer’s guidelines and municipal building codes are our highest priority while providing a cosmetically pleasing product to add value to your home. Our rigorous management and replacement process will ensure the performance of your roof system and allow S&A Construction to offer a premium five year labor warranty for your replacement.

We work with all insurance carriers. If you believe your home has suffered a storm related loss, please call us first. Our free comprehensive exterior inspection will determine if you have qualifying damage to file an insurance claim with your insurance carrier. If your home has sustained storm damage, we feel it is beneficial for our customers to work with your adjuster to ensure all damages are identified and repaired. From paperwork, meeting your adjuster, to performing the repairs, we will help you through the process every step of the way.

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