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One Call, One Contractor, From Beginning to End for Your Roof

By choosing S&A Construction as the roofing contractor, the homeowner receives more than just a new roof system; they receive peace of mind, right from the start. Whether it is a complete roof replacement, repair, maintenance, storm damage or a quality roof inspection, S&A is here to be your “One Call, One Contractor, From Beginning to End.”

Did You Know?

Statistics from the Better Business Bureau from the past few years show that roofing contractors across the nation:

  • Since 2007 have the highest volume of inquiries by consumers from over 3,000+ business categories,
  • Rank 15th in the number of consumer complaints since 2010, and
  • Inquiries by consumers to the Better Business Bureau were up 18% from 2010 to 2011

Consumers should further know that the roofing industry nationwide has a high rate of roofing company failure, with the majority of roofing contractors going out of business within 5 years of operation. With 2/3 of roofing issues being generated by contractor’s workmanship, your selection of a qualified contractor is equally as important as the materials you are installing on your home. With the probability of manufacturer shingle defects being minimal, utmost importance should be placed on roofing contractors’ workmanship and labor warranty. Since shingles are designed today to have a service life of 25-50 years, it makes the likelihood that the roof will be on your home much longer than the average roofing contractor will even be in business.

After reviewing these industry statistics, every homeowner should critically think about selecting a roofing contractor. Consider the following:

  • Since the majority of roof issues are caused by the roofing contractor's installation, should you be doing business with the lowest price roofing contractor?
  • What type of materials will be used and what will be compromised in receiving the lowest price roof?
  • Should you be considering a roofing contractor who does not have a local office/facility (in a business district) with a local business number (not just a cell phone)?
  • Should you be considering a roofing contractor who has not been in business for at least 15 years and can verify this?
  • Should you be considering a roofing contractor who is not approved or certified with a shingle manufacturer or national insurance company?

Does S&A, as a qualified roofing contractor, compromise the quality of materials we choose to install on your home to offer “The best deal?” Do we compromise quality installation practices since we offer extended labor warranties? The answer is simply stated; NO. We take our relationships with our customers, Owens Corning, First Choice Repair, and other national insurance companies very seriously.

Every customer experience and roof S&A installs is a reflection of the accountability and professionalism we offer our customers. We encourage our potential customers to:

  • Verify and examine each of our credentials;
  • Visit the Better Business Bureau to verify our company rating;
  • Communicate with our references both current and past (40+ testimonials);
  • Have access to copies of our liability insurance, certifications, and licensing;
  • Have the opportunity to obtain an extended manufacturer product warranty and extended manufacturer-backed workmanship warranty; and
  • Have the opportunity to obtain a nationally backed labor warranty by First Choice Repair if your roof replacement is an insurance claim through specific Insurance Carriers.

Choosing a roofing contractor for your most important asset: Your home!

S&A Construction sells more than new roofing systems and interior repair work due to roofing issues, we provide peace of mind. When S&A installs a roof on a home, we deliver more than just new shingles; we install a quality product in a professional manner with a written warranty for our customers. Our labor warranties are provided for all complete roof replacements with a minimum of 5 years after the installation of the roof system. We also have the capability to offer extended labor warranties with comprehensive manufacturer warranties through Owens Corning, which offers the best-extended warranty coverage in today’s marketplace.

At S&A Construction, we offer peace of mind by:

  • Communication
    From your first call to S&A, we are easily accessible. Your initial contact will be answered by our office staff Monday thru Friday during normal office hours or will be answered by staff on-call after business hours. We provide cell phone numbers and email addresses of our staff and superintendents so you may contact our staff quickly for the best customer service.
  • The Initial Inspection
    Whether you believe your roof requires replacement, you are having current roof issues, or your roof has sustained storm damage; we are here to provide you with the professional advice you deserve. As a general contractor company our knowledge, experience, and certifications go beyond roofing. Our abilities include a complete inspection of your roof, damage/problem assessment, water testing, and providing complete solutions for all your roofs needs. S&A employs numerous staff qualified by industry experience, manufacturer training, code knowledge, and Haag engineering certifications. The proper assessment of your current needs is crucial to provide you with the information needed to make an educated decision on any roof repair or replacement work.
  • Comprehensive Proposal
    When S&A provides a proposal to our customers, the roof replacement/repair proposal will include detailed information on the protection of the home, roof products, product specifications, product colors, product amounts, payment obligations, and warranty period.
  • Removal of the Roof & Tear Off
    Protection of the home is the first priority during your roof replacement. First, we verify weather reports to ensure your home will not be in any danger of being damaged by predictable weather during the replacement. Second, we protect landscaping, driveways, walkways, and relocate breakable items. Third, if your roof requires more than one workday for replacement, the roof will be left protected at the end of the workday to prevent water from leaking in the event of a rainstorm. And finally, the lawn will be personally inspected, swept, and a high-powered magnet will be employed to pick up any loose nails to prevent injury.
  • Flashing
    S&A installs new flashing with every roof replacement. This includes drip edge, pipe flashings, and valley metals. Step flashings, counter-flashings, and chimney flashings are replaced on an individual basis. With most shingle colors, flashing colors are available to install to compliment the roof color.
  • Quality Products & Product Options
    Technology, research, and development for roofing products are changing constantly and improving all aspects of roof systems. At S&A, we believe it is arguable that advancements in roof technology have changed as much in the last ten years as they did in the previous 100 years in the roofing industry. The roofing industry has produced some extraordinary new products to ensure the homeowner of product satisfaction, energy efficiency, overall performance, and yet understand the desire for “curb appeal” every homeowner wants to maintain. We have a preferred relationship with Owens Corning, but install numerous other manufacturers’ products:
Owens CorningCertainteed roofingDaVinci
TamkoGAFMalarkey Mule-Hide products

At S&A, we educate all of our customers of the benefits of each product, while considering customers' budgets, to create a warrantable roof system to fit each of our customer’s wants and needs. These options include, but are not limited, to choices of shingles, shingle color, style of ridge, style of valley style, valley linings, flashings, flashing colors, and attic ventilation. Each of these aspects of the roof system has its own individual benefits both functional and cosmetic, life expectancies, and cost benefits for your home’s roof system.

  • Installation Practices
    Strict adherence to manufacturer guidelines and municipal building codes are our main objective while installing a cosmetically-pleasing, roof system in a professional manner. Since studies prove that 2/3 of the potential roof issues are caused by roofing contractors, our installer training and rigorous inspections of your roof system are not taken lightly.
  • Warranty both Product and Workmanship
    All manufacturers offer a limited warranty for their products, which decreases as their products age. With all roof replacements, S&A includes a limited, transferrable, five-year labor warranty against errors in workmanship and a one-year, labor warranty for roof repairs. If you need further peace of mind, we can provide a comprehensive, extended labor and product warranty for Owens CorningTM roof products for your roof system. Please visit

Peace of mind does not come from a newly installed roof. It comes from confidence in knowing S&A provided you with the knowledge to choose the right products for your home, confidence that your roof system was installed in a professional manner, and confidence you have a written warranty from a proven, well-established roofing contractor.