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Seamless Guttering, Gutter Covers, and Rain Gutters in Wichita, Kansas

One call, One Contractor, from beginning to end, a complete solution to your home's seamless guttering needs. Our team at S&A will provide a comprehensive approach to your guttering system and exterior needs whether it is a new installation, storm damage replacement, or general replacement of your existing guttering due to age and deterioration. Our approach includes, but is not limited to, 5” seamless rain gutter installation, matching downspouts, gutter screen, rain diverters, gutter guards, and French drain installations. We will also paint your guttering system if required and provide other maintenance renovations such as fascia and soffit replacement, trim replacement, window screen replacement, and more.

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In the Midwest region, the exterior of your home receives a variety of weather conditions including extreme heat, extreme cold, rain, snow, sleet, ice, wind, and hail. Rainwater has the potential to create damage to numerous aspects of a home unless properly diverted. A properly installed gutter system can provide short-term and long-term protection benefits as your home will experience tens upon thousands of gallons of rainwater which will be rained onto the home over time. The main purpose of a guttering system is to protect the home’s foundation by collecting rainwater and channeling it away from the base of the home. It also helps reduce the following:

  • Basement, foundation, and crawl space leaks
  • Soil erosion & landscape washout
  • Protects painted surfaces by reducing water exposure

Properly installed gutters alone only do part of that process by collecting rainwater along the roof, which protects the roof, fascia, soffit, and siding areas. However, to have a properly functioning gutter system it must have an adequate number and sizes of downspouts to channel the rainwater to divert it away from the foundation of the home. Not having enough downspouts will cause overflow and decrease the functionality of the rain gutter in medium to hard rainstorms. The number of downspouts needed is determined by the size of the gutter and the size of the downspout. The chart below can help you determine the number of downspouts you may need for your home:

Gutter Size*Downspout SizeMaximum Linear Feet Between Downspouts
5” gutter 2”x3” 30 linear feet (lf)
5” gutter 3”x4: 35 linear feet (lf)
6” gutter 2”x3” 20 linear feet (lf)
6” gutter 3”x4” 30 linear feet (lf)

*Sizing has been formulated through our practice and experience in the field.

By using this as a rule of thumb, you can avoid gutter overflow, which can cause water intrusion in your home.

As required by the application, downspout extensions, additional drain piping, and French drain systems can be installed to divert water even farther away from the home foundation.

Guttering Services

S&A Construction, Inc. Gutter Services include the following:

  • 5” seamless rain guttering
    • Over 30 assorted colors to closely match to home trim colors
    • Painted gutters for an exact match as desired
    • Standard & oversized downspouts for added rainwater discharge
  • Copper gutters, downspouts, and flashing
  • Gutter cleaning, repair, and maintenance work
  • French drain systems
    • Large systems requiring pumps
    • Piping to street or ravine
  • Rain diverter installation both roof and rain gutter
  • 3rd story installation capabilities
  • Variety of gutter guards and gutter covers
    • Different guards offer different benefits and pricing
    • Pitch roof prohibits certain guards
  • Fascia painting and replacement, soffit replacement
  • Accepts most insurance company pricing after storm damage
  • Dedicated staff

Seamless Guttering

Seamless guttering is just as the name implies, rain guttering without seams. Most supply stores carry sticks or pieces of guttering requiring a splice every 10 feet creating many potential leak hazards. Seamless guttering eliminates the need for splices because the guttering is made to exactly fit the home. There are a few seams in seamless guttering, found at corners and ends, but each length of guttering is made of one piece of metal. Our team of installers uses guttering coil metal which is formed on-site with a specialized gutter machine. This allows our team to provide a perfect fit for your home even for lengths of rain gutter exceeding over 100 linear feet.

Gutter Guards and Gutter Covers

At S&A we offer a cost-effective alternative to a Gutter Helmet. Gutter guard technology continues to improve and there are a variety of products to keep leaves, twigs, and debris from entering into the rain gutter. Our team installs many different brands as each product offers different functionality, pricing, and benefits. This allows the homeowner to select the best product applications for their needs while considering their budgets.

Gutter Cleaning and Repair

Weather, trees, bushes, and animals can deposit debris and dirt into your rain gutter. This in turn will cause clogging and overflows during rainstorms. Our team can clean out rain gutters and downspouts while checking the entire system to make sure that it is functioning properly. If needed, we can repair any part of the system to again ensure correct function.

Rain Diverters

Rain diverters are wide, varied, and are custom-made for each application. Generally, this refers to small pieces of flashing attached either to the roof or to the guttering to direct rainwater in certain directions. These diverters can blend in with the guttering system, or with the roof.

3rd Story Height

The average home is a single-story setting on a concrete foundation. Installing, cleaning, or repairing gutters on this type of home is generally simple. However, when a home has a second story, or even a third, gutter installation and cleaning becomes a different story (literally). S&A has the capabilities to safely clean, repair, and install guttering up to 30 feet above the ground.

French Drain Systems

S&A Construction can install an under-ground French drain to the gutter system to ensure that rainwater is collected and diverted as far away from the home as the drain system will allow. A French drain is a draining system to collect water from the ground and then channel the water through an underground pipe to dispose of away from the home. This system was named after Henry Flagg French who describes it in his book Farm Drainage in 1859.

Copper Rain Gutter Systems

One benefit of copper gutters is adding prestige to the home. Copper gutters are not just for the “elite” as one might think. Copper gutters are durable, having a lifespan of about 4 times that of typical aluminum gutters adding value to the home. Also, there are different styles to choose from, reflecting the architecture of the home.

Cooperation with Insurance Companies

Hail storms, wind, trees, and weekend warriors have been known to damage gutters. Insurance covers most of these repairs or replacements. S&A Construction works with our customer’s insurance companies to directly mitigate the damages. We bring peace of mind to the homeowner and allow them the easy choice of choosing a color or a product.

Why is Guttering Important?

2,700 sq. ft. x 2.72 (32.64” rain) = 7,344 cu. ft.
7.48 gallons of water per cu. ft.
7,344 x 7.48 = 54,933 gallons each year

Wichita, Kansas, and surrounding areas receive an average of 32.64 inches of rain each year. The average American home roof was approximately 2,700 square feet in 2009. Since there are 7.48 gallons of water per cubic foot, this would total to almost 55,000 gallons of water to discharge from the average roof in Wichita, KS each year which could create potential problems at the home.

With this much water hitting the average home each year, what areas of the home are susceptible to damage from faulty guttering?

  • Roof: The sheathing may experience dry-rot because the water wicks back under the shingle
  • Fascia: The fascia can retain water behind an improperly installed gutter causing dry-rot
  • Soffit: If the fascia is left alone long enough, rainwater can begin to damage the soffit
  • Siding / Windows: The siding can become inundated with water when the wind blows rain run-off onto the side of the house
  • Soil: The dirt around the home may erode because gallons of water pour off the eave of the roof or from an incorrectly installed downspout, washing the dirt away from under sidewalks and driveways, flower beds, and landscaping
  • Pest infestation: Termites and other wood-boring insects need constant moisture to survive
  • Basement: The basement may experience mild to severe flooding because water is allowed to collect next to the house, creating hydraulic pressure, forcing water through small cracks in the basement wall
  • Foundation: Cracks may form in the foundation with excessive water, or the foundation may settle or shift creating cracks inside the home

If your home is experiencing problems, you would like to verify that your home is being properly protected, or your home needs a properly installed guttering system, please call your “One Call, One Contractor, from beginning to end” today to provide a free estimate and propose a solid solution for your home’s current needs at (316) 262-6770.