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Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in getting written a written estimate. What is the first step?
Please contact our office via telephone at (316) 262-6770 or email. We will respond promptly to schedule an appointment.

What are typical payment terms?
All payment terms are included within your proposal. Most projects require a small nonrefundable non-earnest money deposit is due at the time of signing because we do not require credit or financial screening. A payment will be due upon commencement or when the project has reached a certain phase (contained within your proposal). Final payment will be due upon completion of all renovation work.

Will an estimate be given to me at the time of the appointment? 
Most renovations require a lengthy formal proposal, which requires research, drafting, and management approval. If the renovation that is being sought is easily drafted then a written estimate may be issued at the time of the meeting.

What are your typical lead times for projects?
Projects will typically commence within 3-4 weeks of contract signing. Smaller projects may have shorter lead times, and larger projects having longer lead times. The time of year in which the work is to be performed may also have a bearing on the lead time. If you have project timelines or immediate needs, please discuss these needs with your estimator. It is our goal to provide prompt, accommodating service.

What are typical working hours after project has commenced?
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Some aspects of your project may not allow for full days. Some aspects may require completion during certain workdays, which will mandate working after the typical 5:00 p.m. ending time.

What is a typical timeline for project duration?
Estimated timelines, if not included in your proposal, will be discussed in detail with your estimator. 

Do you offer any financing?
We do not offer financing through S&A Construction. However, we have the ability to accept credit card payment and/or help you coordiante the financing of your project through your lender, bank, or mortgage company.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, money order, certified funds, personal check, bank financing, government program financing, government grants, agency grants, etc.

Do you accept credit cards? 
Yes, Visa & Master card with a 3% fee of the total project or charge amount

Is it possible for me (customer) to perform any of the work? 
Yes. However, S&A Construction must have a clear and definite place to end work before customer work may begin. Painting is sometimes performed by the customer for interior and exterior work.

Do I need to be home during the renovation project? 
No. S&A Construction employs competent professionals to perform the majority of our renovation work. Every staff member has been through a background check prior to employment. The majority of our customers allow S&A Construction to perform renovation work at their homes without being present. Some projects may require your presence on-site due to project decisions required to be made. However, we pride ourselves on zero theft claims since S&A Construction has been in business.

Will my home be protected during my project? 
Absolutely, yes. It is our goal to protect the workspace by employing protection and masking of walls, flooring, furniture, containment of the work space area, and placing tarps on exterior grounds. All project areas will be cleaned to a satisfactory condition whether interior or exterior prior to completion. Note: Some construction debris should be expected on interior projects, but no more than light dusting should be required.

Do you provide a lien release upon completion? 
Lien releases are provided upon request only. If final payment (in check form) has been made, a conditional lien release may be issued which is contingent on final payment being issued directly to S&A Construction from your bank.

Are your services guaranteed, and do you offer a warranty?
Yes. Due to the wide variety of services we perform from minor repairs to major restorations, your guarantee and/or labor warranty will vary depending on project type.

If my project is an insurance claim, will you work with my insurance company?
Yes. Estimating, coordination of repairs with your insurance adjustor, and billing will be managed by your team of professionals.

Still have a question? Feel free call us at (316) 262-6770 or send us an email.